Carolina Vs Red Wing Boots: Which One Should You Buy?

Carolina or Red Wing? Red Wing or Carolina?

Confused between the two?

Can’t decide which one you should get for yourself and your loved ones?


I’m here to solve your confusion because today I’m going to take you on a tour of the two boot companies and tell you which stands out and the other for what reasons.

While Carolina boots are best known for their comfort, style, safety features, and most of all, durability, Redwing tops them by providing better traction and material. However, Carolina boots surely win the game with the most essential features needed on the job which are better fit, better comfort, increased safety and durability.

History of Carolina Work Boots

Founded in 1963 as a new segment of HH Brown, the Carolina Shoe Company grew its business when the HH Brown Boot Company reached its epitome after manufacturing a safety toe cowboy boot in the 1970s.

Gradually Carolina Shoe Company gained its own managers and sales and expanded its facilities and also moved its own customer service center to Martinsburg in 2016.

Characteristics of the Carolina Boots

What makes Carolina Boots unique are its many features. They try to make boots taking into account the requirements of each client and their shapes and sizes of feet and toes.

Carolina boot toe types:

They make 4 different types of dropouts: steel dropouts, aluminum dropouts, composite dropouts, and carbon fiber composite dropouts.

Steel Toe Cap: These are the most common types of toe caps that are heavy-duty and offer the best protection against any type of injury.

Aluminum Toe Cap: These toes are lightweight and also offer ample protection.

Composite Toe Cap: These can be considered the best option when you don’t want something as heavy as a steel toe cap, but don’t want to compromise on protection.

Carbon Fiber Toe Cap: These use a special weave to provide protection. They are very durable and also have a low cap weight.

Carolina Boots Safety Features:

When it comes to security, Carolina seems to impress us in all dimensions:

Non- slip soles: Non-slip soles offer high traction against all types of slippery surfaces, be it oil, grease, ice or water. The Aerotrek complements slip resistance with a clog-free design for maximum traction.

Thinsulate Insulation: The flamed felt lining uses KEVLAR-PAR-ARAMID and carbon fiber to resist heat and are also insulated from the cold.

Shock absorption: Electrical hazard protection shoes prevent electric shock.

Shock Absorption: Static electricity dissipative boots help absorb shock and thus prevent foot pain.

Waterproof: The special line of scubaliner shoes helps keep your feet dry. Textured Cambrelle fabric keeps moisture out. You also have the option of the GORE-TEX waterproof function.

Internal Metal Guards: These increase flexibility and comfort. They use polyurethane in an asymmetrical shape along with a plastic protector that allows the boot to fit perfectly to the shape of your feet.

Cushioning: The pillow cushion employs memory foam that adds an extra level of cushioning to the boots. The Poron Performance and Ortholite Deluxe are also a big step up in terms of cushioning.

Lining : Soft Dri-Lex lining adds to the comfort.

History of Red Wing Work Boots

Founded by Charles H. Beckman in 1905, this American shoe company is based in Red Wing Minnesota. Within 10 years, the company began producing more than 200,000 boots for American soldiers in World War II warfare. The 10 Best Red Wing Work Boots

Built-in the USA using traditional construction techniques such as tanning, cutting, fitting, finishing, finishing and shoe finishing, it transforms premium materials into supremely durable boots.

Characteristics of the Red Wing boots

Sole: Red Wing boots are made with a rubber sole or a combination of rubber and leather.

Midsole: The harder the midsole, the longer the break-in time and lifespan. Therefore, the Red Wing Boots are made with a hard midsole.

Welt: The welt is the piece of leather that surrounds the edge of the sole to which the rest of the boot attaches. Red Wing boots are made with the Goodyear welt construction process which makes the boots not only weather-resistant but also allows them to be re-soled again and again.

Last: The upper of the shoe is always pulled over the last which gives it shape. Red Wing Boots use 8 different lasts dating back to the 1930s.

Toe cap: In this, an additional layer of leather forms a cap over the toe cap.

Moc Toe: This is one of RED WING’s unique styles named after the style and shape of the moccasin that is created when leather stitching meets at the top of the toe box.

VIBRAM outsoles: These top-performing outsoles provide comfort, durability and functionality during intense walks and games.

Cleated Outsole: This is a classic rubber outsole with a chunky rubber sole that provides great traction and weather protection.

Traction Trend: The large white rubber wedge never marks factory floors and provides generous underfoot cushioning.

Irish Setter: These are geared towards hunters and provide insulation and cushioning.

Carolina vs Red Wing Boot Comparison


Quality refers to the type of material used to make the boots and the durability they provide. Before buying boots, you should be very careful about the quality of the leather they are made from.

Red Wing: Boots are made from premium quality leather that is tanned and toned in different colors to meet your specific needs.

carolina: When it comes to quality, Carolina boots are loaded with the best construction and soft, flexible materials for comfort and durability.


Style refers to the look and shape of the boots. Both brands offer a lot of styles so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Red Wing: Although they like to stick to the styles of the 1950s, they have still modernized their style of boots recently to offer you more advanced and multifunctional designs. The most unique in style are the cowboy boots.

carolina: The Carolina offers much more variety in terms of style than the Red Wing boots. The Carolina Boot Company focuses on individual customer needs and demands while manufacturing each boot. So, here you get a lot more stylish options.

Security features

Safety features are one of the most studied when working in dangerous environments. Safety features include the toe cap and features on the sides of the boots.

Red Wing: They usually tend to stick to steel toes for safety and security measures. This makes the boots perfect for those in the lumber industries that power sections.

Carolina: None can beat Carolina when it comes to security features. They offer security against cold heat, electricity and impact.

Comparative table of Carolina and Red Wing boots

Brandred wing bootsCarolina boots
ComfortThe midsole and arch support add support to the feet and the cushioning is good too.High-tech damping systems are its unique features.
soleVibram Mini-lug or corkGoodyear Weather Adapt Outsole, WorkFlex Outsole, Vibram
Templatetanned leatherPillow cushion, pillow cushion 2, poron performance cushioning
BumpGoodyear welt constructionGoodyear welt construction, opanka construction
Security featuresLessPlus
arch supportYesYes
slip resistanceYesYes
Protection against electrical risksYesYes
To fit inslightly narrowerPerfect

Best Carolina and Redwing Work Boots Review

Carolina Boots Mens Waterproof Insulated Steel Toe Boots CA5821

Quality Construction: These Carolina lumberjack boots are made from 100% leather and the copper color gives the boots a sleek yet stylish look.

The 8” axle not only looks stylish but also provides stability. These 8-eye boots ensure a proper fit. The stitching is also strong.

Comfort: 8” steel shanks provide stability and comfort, while the gusseted tongue provides cushioning to the tops of your feet. The insoles are also padded. 600-gram Thinsulate insulation keeps your feet warm in cold weather.

Protection: The lugged outsole offers great traction on uneven terrain and they are also anti-slip, so you can wear them on snow too. The waterproof membrane keeps water out and your feet dry throughout the day.

Best of all, the steel toe caps on these boots are ASTM rated, ensuring your toes are safe from injury.

Red Wing Heritage Blacksmith Vibram Boots for Men

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: These Blacksmith boots from Redwing are made from 100% leather with 7 eyelets to lace up the boots to give you a perfect fit. The rough and tough copper look of these boots is something to fall in love with.

The classic round tip gives it an elegant look. In addition, the triple-stitched Goodyear Welt construction ensures the durability of the boots.

Comfort: The steel shanks on these boots give you much-needed stability and comfort. The cushioning is also comfortable.

The added height of the heel area supports your heel and allows you to move without pain throughout the day.

Protection: The Vibram 450 mini-lug sole not only provides great traction, but also prevents slips and falls.

The boots’ six-inch height keeps dirt and snow out, making it easy to maintain these boots even after you get dirty on the job.


The comparison clearly shows that the Carolina boots win the game in every aspect, from style to comfort, safety features, and durability.

But obviously, you can’t ignore the Red Wing boots when it comes to providing traction in terms of hiking and also the quality of the leather they use.

My choice, therefore, is the Carolina boots.

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