Are Tactical Boots Good For Snow?

Since a frosty winter is approaching once again, I thought I’d do some winter shopping. As I searched for the perfect winter boots, my mind was blown by the profusion of varieties out there.

So I did some research to find out which are the best boots for winter and I found a gem, The Tactical Boots!!!!! . So if you are wondering if tactical boots are good for snow, I would say the answer is definitely YES!

Now we will see why tactical boots will be perfect for your icy winters or your vacations.

Why wear tactical snow boots?

Tactical boots, as the name suggests, were designed for military purposes, to function in all kinds of adverse conditions.

From slippery slopes to the hottest deserts and deepest snow, tactical boots are designed to perform flawlessly in all possible environmental conditions.

Since synthetic materials are cheaper and lighter but tend to wear out faster, tactical boots are usually made from high-quality leather.

Cuts of leather such as full-grain and split leather are used to make tactical boots because they are more durablecomfortable, waterproof, and breathable.

Another specialty of tactical boots is the presence of midsoles Composed of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and Polyurethane (PU) that make the boot more comfortable to walk on.

The midsole supports the feet and has a cushioning effect that makes walking in them much easier than in shoes without a midsole. So your feet will surely thank you for the tactical boots as you take those tough steps through the thick snow.

The following features make tactical boots the perfect companion for your feet in winters.

1.) Water resistance

The high-quality leather used to make tactical boots is naturally resistant to water. Along with that, they also feature an additional waterproof layer to make sure that no amount of moisture reaches the boots.

The waterproof layer ensures that the feet remain dry in all circumstances and also guarantees the longevity of the boots.

Some fear that waterproofing implies a lack of breathability, which can lead to stuffy feet, but tactical boots are made from breathable materials that ensure great comfort for your feet.

2.) Insulation

Tactical boots have an insulating layer that ensures feet stay warm even in sub-zero temperatures.

3.) Skid resistance

The soles of the tactical boots are designed in such a way that they provide maximum grip and prevent slippage. High-quality rubber soles with an optimal number of tread patterns ensure that the boots will keep your feet steady on snow.

4.) Antimicrobial sock liner

Since winters can be quite dry on the skin, blisters and cracks on the feet are common during that time. Therefore, it is important to maintain a clean environment inside the boots to prevent infection.

The tactical boots come with an antimicrobial sock liner that ensures no bacteria build up inside the boots, thus preventing infection.

5.) Durability

Tactical boots are made from high-quality leather, known for their durability. High-quality leather can usually thrive for decades, and waterproof layers ensure that boot leather lasts a long time.

The soles are made of high-quality rubber, designed and manufactured with precision and perfection to last a long time despite environmental challenges.

6.) Comfortable midsoles

Snow walking is really a strenuous process and it is important to have ample foot support and foot comfort to get through the snow with ease. The midsole is like a cushion that makes your feet feel comfortable and reinforced.

7.) Chunky High Neck

The tactical boots have a high, thick padded collar that wraps around the ankle, keeping it dry and warm. The high collar further secures the feet by closing all possible spaces for moisture to enter the boots.

Well, the above pros certify that tactical boots are a must-have in winters. The fact that tactical boots are a bit more expensive than other winter boots may seem like a red flag to some, but a good pair of tactical boots can last as long as a dozen regular winter shoes. So these armored boots are definitely not overrated.

What kind of tactical boots are best for winters?

Tactical boots are designed to keep your feet warm and dry and to ensure that you can also walk with ease and comfort.

Of the different varieties of tactical boots available, the two that are best suited for winters are Standard Boots and Winter Tactical Boots.

Standard boots are waterproofinsulated enough to keep your feet warm in all conditions, and even have a very soft and cushioned sole that ensures your feet are comfortable even after a long walk in the snow.

The winter tactical boots are highly insulated, they can protect your feet from extreme cold like sub-zero temperatures. It also comes with a waterproof shell, commonly made from Gore-Tex, and would also have solid toe caps to protect feet from stones hidden under the snow.

How to choose the perfect tactical boots for winter?

When shopping for the best pair of tactical boots this winter, be sure to look for these essential qualities:

1.) Waterproof Layer- A winter tactical boot should keep your feet dry and therefore should have a thick waterproof layer.

2.) Soft, Cushioned Midsole- Extra support and comfort for your feet is important, as walking in snow can be a strenuous process. Midsoles keep you away from foot cramps and fatigue.

3.) Solid Toe Cap- There can always be rocks and boulders hidden under the snow and it’s important to keep your toes safe. To prevent injuries, it is best to look for tactical boots with a toe cap.

4.) Proper Insulation- Make sure the shoe keeps moisture and cold out. It is extremely important to keep your feet warm while walking in the snow, so look for boots with good insulation.

5.) Lightweight- It is important to find tactical boots that are not too heavy, as the weight of the boots can make walking in the snow more tiring and cumbersome.

6.) Slip-Resistant/Intricate Sole Patterns- Look for rubber soles with small, intricate patterns that provide better grip in snow and on icy roads.

7.) Perfect Fit- Always make sure that the pair of boots fit you perfectly. Humans usually have two feet of different sizes. It is best to choose a pair of boots that perfectly fit our larger foot.

How to care for your tactical boots.

Brush your tactical boots to keep them free of dust and dirt. Follow up with a damp cloth to remove any residue left behind after brushing, so they look fresh and new for a long time.

The use of boot conditioners and waterproofing spray can ensure that the waterproof layer of tactical boots remains intact, making them more durable.

When you’re not wearing them, let the boots breathe a bit.

Maintain personal hygiene by changing your socks regularly.

Top 5 Tactical Snow Boots

1.) 5.11 Men’s 8” ATAC 2.0 Military Tactical Boots

2.) Bates Men’s 8” Ultralite Tactical Sports Side Zip Military Boot

3.) Under Armor Men’s Stellar Military & Tactical Boots

4.) Women’s Polar Mountain Hiking Snow Hiking Tactical Boots

5.) Rield Men’s Military Tactical Work Boots

The Others in the Winter footwear section.

The other common options you can go with when shopping for winter footwear are:

  • Mid Calf Winter Snow Boots
  • Insulated Waterproof Boots with Laces
  • Boots with wool insole
  • Faux fur lining, seam-sealed boots
  • Shearling lined boots
  • gore tex boots

Well, if you find tactical boots with the right set of qualities and wear them properly and maintain them carefully, your armored pair will last you through many winters and keep your feet comfortable and warm, ensuring a fun-filled winter.

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