Should You Put Mink Oil Inside Boots?

Should you put mink oil inside boots?

If you have a pair of leather boots, you probably know that you can use mink oil for your boots. Mink oil is a type of oil produced from mink. It has conditioning characteristics that can soften leather very well. Therefore, people have been using mink oils for decades as a treatment for their leather … Read more

Can You Wear Steel Toe Boots On a Plane?

Can you wear steel toe boots on a plane?

When was the last time you traveled on a plane? Mine was four months ago while traveling from Atlanta to Chicago on business! And, fortunately, or unfortunately, I was wearing a steel toe boot and I was worried if I could get past the security checkpoint or not as steel toe boots can’t easily pass through … Read more

Are Tactical Boots Good For Snow?

Are tactical boots good for snow?

Since a frosty winter is approaching once again, I thought I’d do some winter shopping. As I searched for the perfect winter boots, my mind was blown by the profusion of varieties out there. So I did some research to find out which are the best boots for winter and I found a gem, The Tactical Boots!!!!! . So … Read more